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Noble Maritime Collection presents Tugboats Night & Day

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, January 29, 2008-- ...The exhibition will also feature the tugboat Pegasus, which is currently being restored an historic education vessel that will take students out into the Harbor to learn about the maritime industry under the watchful eye of its captain, Pamela Hepburn.

Hepburn captained tugboats in New York Harbor for over 20 years and has been restoring her tug for the past 10 years while planning school programs for the metropolitan area.

The Pegasus, built in 1907, has had a long career. She joined the fleet of McAllister Brothers Towing in 1953; they converted her to diesel power and renamed her the John E. McAllister. In 1987 Hepburn bought her and renamed her Pegasus. She continued actively towing for another 10 years.

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