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Police Athletic League

Summer Youth Employment Program

The Tug Pegasus Preservation Project’s (TPPP) Teens on Tugs – Work/Learn Program uses two historic vessels:

  • the 1907 tug Pegasus
  • the 1933 lighthouse tender Lilac

Both vessels are on the National Register of Historic Places and will be berthed at Pier 40/Houston Street for the duration of the program. The preservation of these icons of New York’s maritime heritage necessitates maintenance and ongoing restoration work. 

The projects in the WORK/LEARN program are led by Charlie Ritchie of Adventure Corps New York. Mr. Ritchie’s expertise in adventure learning is pivotal to our youth programming. He will be supervising the work tasks, helping the teens through teambuilding, and teaching the importance or community service, work and respecting themselves and others.

Captain Pamela Hepburn brings maritime experience to the learning part of the program introducing our teens to navigation and other maritime skills. Mac Glovinsky, our Program Director and environmental educator, brings his development and managerial skills to organizing the multifaceted aspects of our activities.

This is a six-week program with hours determined by NYC Department of Youth and Community Development’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). It is four days/week for six hours each day.

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Blue Links Tour

The Blue Links Tour, sponsored by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance and the North River Historic Ship Society, is a Hudson River trip to Albany that promotes interest in the revitalization of waterfronts.

The Tug Pegasus went last August and also towed the Waterfront Museum, Lehigh Valley Railroad Barge #79. It was a great opportunity to bring people to the river and encourage them to claim it. The Maritime Adventure kids were our crew.

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Maritime Skills

Our Maritime Skills program is held in the fall, one day a week and every Saturday. This program involves fewer kids at a more intense level.

We invite other members of the maritime community--captains, engineers, deckhands, welders, and people from marine science--to participate in projects with the teens. We also try to do some hands-on boating on small and large vessels.

The Tug Pegasus is the base for the group, so ongoing restoration projects occur there as well as expeditions and get-togethers with visitors representing different aspects of the maritime.

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Police Athletic League

The Maritime Adventure Program (MAP) is a program for teenagers with the Police Athletic League (PAL). The Tug Pegasus has partnered with PAL for summer programs.

The program had several components:

#1: Aboard the Fireboat John J. Harvey, the MAP kids led education sessions for the younger kids in

  • Orienting using a New York Harbor chart
  • Boat tours, guiding and interpreting the vessel
  • Knot tying and use of knots
  • "Float and sink" experiments

These sessions were in "watches" around the vessel. While the sessions took place, some teens were on watch:

  • On the alert for oncoming vessels and obstacles
  • Looking out for the campers moving around the boat
  • Helping on deck, coiling lines and generally straightening up the deck.

#2: Aboard the Tug Pegasus, the teenagers participated in the restoration of the vessel. The kids prepared and painted the deck and deckhouse and chipped and primed parts on the bulwark.

#3: With the River Project, teenagers learned about the ecosystem of the Hudson River estuary. The teenagers pulled up six nets located around Piers 62 and 63 and recorded their findings every morning. The results went into a 20-year old database at the River Project.

#4: Charlie Ritchie and Leslie Martinez work directly with the kids to develop team-building and communication skills. This is key, as we feel the maritime community gives the kids an environment in which they can exercise these valuable tools.

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